Our Company Director – A former Primary School Teacher

Richard McCombe (B.Ed Hons) graduated from Glasgow University in 1995 and was employed as a primary teacher within North Lanarkshire for 8 years. In 2002 Richard left to start Matic Media which is a signage and display graphics manufacturer. working for 13 local authorities in Scotland and many familiar brands like Sky, Gsk, Chivas, Matic Media has become a well recognised supplier in industry for signs and display.

“This is a great project for us to be involved in. coming form a formal education background with a passion for graphic arts, I was instantly attracted to the development of ways to merge what we have learnt in industry with my experience as a teacher, The results are amazing and was keen to promote this range to educational establishment so that they are affordable to all education establishments during times when budgets are under immense pressure.”

Richard McCombe (B.Ed Hons) – Managing Director

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