How to install Sensory Stickers:

Our Active Learning & Sensory Stickers are easy peasy to install. 

You just have to follow these steps.

What you’ll need…

  1. Your Sensory Sticker pack
  2. A credit card (you should have one included with your pack)
  3. Floor cleaning solution & tissue

How to apply

  1. Using the cleaning solution clean the selected area and wipe dry.
  2. Peel the sticker from the backing paper.
  3. Working from the bottom of the sticker apply the sticker to the cleaned area.
  4. Apply pressure using a credit card working up the sticker until it is fully stuck to the floor.

Sometimes a video is easier though!  You can view our instructions here:

Cleaning Instructions

Warm soapy water and a cloth is recommended, as long as the stickers have been applied correctly,

a floor buffer should do no damage to the stickers but we recommend testing first!

Removal Instructions

Our floor stickers can be removed by peeling back the sticker from the floor slowly, if any glue residue is left over a low alcohol cleaning solution will remove any particulates (e.g. WARM WATER, ISOPROPONOL or NAIL VARNISH REMOVER).