Active Learning & Sensory Paths for Playgrounds

Outdoor Ground/Floor Social Distancing Stencils

Using the many designs from our Active Learning Sensory Path Stickers range we have developed Stencils that can be used to paint Sensory Pathways markings directly to slabs, concrete, tarmac, asphalt.  All the benefits of our Active Learning and Sensory Pathway Wall and Floor Stickers but Outside! 

We have developed a range of stencils especially for schools by integrating some of the ideas we have in our Sensory Path floor stickers which are used in many schools.

As part of the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve integrated Social Distancing into our stencil designs to help promote Social Distancing with younger children.

What's in the Pack?

Active Learning, Sensory Pathways and Social Distancing packs for Playgrounds

Sensory Pathway for Playgrounds Pack Contents...

Each pack contains the following 8 word stencils (300mm x 150mm):

  • Wait
  • Turn
  • Stop
  • Squat
  • Hop
  • Skip
  • Jump
  • Spin



It also includes 3 Social Distancing Stencils (300mm x 300mm):

  • Wait Here with Icon
  • Keep 2m Apart with icon
  • Arrow


And 4 large Shape Stencils (500mm x 500mm):

  • Triangle
  • Hexagon
  • Pentagon
  • Masking Template for Spraying (see video above)