Warranty Information

All our Sensory Path Stickers come with a 1 year warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

Any damage to any sticker not due to improper fitting will be replaced withing 3 to 5 working days of an issue being reported.

How do I activate my Warranty?

Each sensory kit comes with a warranty sticker kit.

Warranty Application Steps

  1. Before applying your stickers to the area, the area must be throughly cleaned and the warranty sticker stuck down.
  2. You should then take a picture of the warranty sticker when applied to the floor.
  3. The warranty sticker must then be removed and a picture of the sticky adhesive side taken, this should be mostly clean if the floor has been cleaned correctly.
  4. These two pictures must then be emailed to [email protected] we’ll then activate your warranty from the date the pictures have been received.
  5. This should be completed within 28 working days of receipt of delivery of the goods.